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Don’t own your own kayak and uncertain about investing in your own set up? Not sure if you’ll like it or know what to do? I had the same issues when I was starting out,but now, as an avid Dan river kayaker and very familiar with the surroundings I get to guide people along the way!
  -Shannon Lee

What’s included during your trip:
Safety & Kayaking instruction / lesson / How To
Guided tour 12.8 miles on the Dan River, Stokes County, NC
(you'll find out all the cool spots, Hanging Rock & the jump rock!
Kayak & Paddle
Shuttle (to the launch spot) & Parking for the day
LUNCH - Prepacked Personal Cooler for the trip
Basic & Emergency Necessities bag and Life Vest
You'll even be emailed photos of you and your trip once its over.

336-477-3193 For more info or reserve your trip!